Cover Letter

Marlon Ramos

James Grammar

ENGL 110


I entered this class as a lost individual in hopes of finding my sense of belonging within this college. I struggled with talking to new people, understanding class concepts and the work that was asked of us. Like a lone warrior named Guts; a character a part of the Berserk series who struggled to find his sense of belonging as well and didn’t like to work with others or change. He struggled when he entered a new clan, and at first he didn’t even want to be in it, similarly to how I didn’t want to go to college, or more accurately, was scared to do so. Guts was determined to be set on his idea that he could do everything on his own while working with the clan, but when faced with extremely difficult life-threatening situations, it was his clan that helped him get out of those situations and prevail. He quickly realized that working with a team makes everything easier. In comparison, I entered the college year dedicated to doing all my work by myself and not asking for any help. Then later on I met some new people that taught me differently. Working with others like I did in this class has allowed me to learn more about myself, understand and complete work faster and forge new friendships in the process. Joining the new clan did the same to Guts. With the presentations that we did about our past journey in discovery of language, I was also able to discover more about myself and others. My friends assisted me with this presentation, therefore, they helped me discover more about myself. In conclusion, this class has ultimately changed my perspective on college and has made me realize that working with others can potentially help you figure out more things about yourself.

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